World Atlas

Discover the world! Spotzi is a fascinating World Atlas. Ideal to use at school, for research or just to learn more about our planet. But Spotzi is more than beautifully designed maps. It shows you current weather, snow depths, wind speeds, hotels and more.

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We already provided you with hundreds of free maps. Join us in building the largest free Atlas of the World. Create a free account. Upload your own data or start from scratch. Whether you are a journalist, geographer or working with open data. Join us and share your data.


Spotzi is a beautifully designed Atlas in your hand. Ideal for Educational use and already being used at schools. But it is more. It is your own maps in your hand. On the road, at work or for a school project. All datashop downloads or your own maps are always within reach.

Open data platform

Are you a governmental body owning open data or would you like to share your data with the world? Spotzi is where your data belongs. Simply upload and visualize your data. We will share your data with millions of users worldwide. With unlimited storage and free editing tools we have made sharing your location data as easy as possible.

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Make your store visible to the world

Are you a store owner? Upload your store locations into our Mapbuilder and we will make sure other mapping engines like Google, Here, Apple and Garmin will use the right location, the right address and the right opening hours.

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Easy geocoding

Mapping your locations was never that easy! Just drag and drop your addresses in any format you like and our super intelligent geocoder will do the rest. Our geocoder will even try and find locations when you don’t use an address! Amazing. Isn’t it.

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Business Solutions

Next to a wealthy source of free and open data we also offer rich intelligent data and tools to power your business solutions.


Open Data

Our streetmaps are based on thousands of indivuals worldwide who work on the project. Our thematic maps are based on data sources like NASA, the World Bank, local governments and many more. Our geocoder is also based on Openstreetmap material.


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