Learn from maps in three simple steps


Mapping starts with our datashop with tons of location data from governments and leading industry partners. Pick a satellite map to highlight your favorite vacation spot or choose a postal code boundary to map your clients.

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After picking the right map you can easily add your own data in just one click. Whether it is an excel sheet or data from a satellite sensor. Our easy to use mapping tools will help you to create the most beautiful maps.

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Learn more from your data by using our powerful apps. Each app has its own unique feature. For instance enabling you to measure the distance between two points or calculate the average age of your customers.

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Business Solutions

Next to a wealthy source of free and open data we also offer rich intelligent data and tools to power your business solutions. Plotting your data on top of our maps helps you in creating amazing insights.


Open data platform

Are you a governmental body owning open data or would you like to share your data with the world? Spotzi is where your data belongs. Simply upload and visualize your data. We will share your data with millions of users worldwide. With unlimited storage and free editing tools we have made sharing your location data as easy as possible.

Our streetmaps are based on thousands of indivuals worldwide who work on the openstreetmap.org project. Our thematic maps are based on open data sources like NASA, the World Bank, local governments and many more. Our geocoder is also based on Openstreetmap material.

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