Spotzi is more than a beautifully designed atlas. It shows you current weather, snow dephts, wind speeds, real estate listings and more.


Discover the world! Spotzi is ideal to use at school, for research or just to learn more about our planet. With over a 1,000 maps.


When you found a beautiful spot you can easily navigate to it. There is no reason to switch to other mapping applications!

Next to browsing through thematic maps you can look for any address in the world.

Open Source

Spotzi is 100% Open Source. Our streetmaps are based on thousands of indivuals worlwide who work on the project. We use data sources from NASA, the World Bank, local governments and many more. Our geocoder and routing services are also based on Openstreetmap material.

We would like to share our product with the world. Our free Mapbuilder gives you the possibility to easily build maps yourselve. You don’t need to be a computer genius to start using the MapBuilder.

We host and manage all our maps and products. Giving you the best performance and guaranteed access tot the data.


Create your own maps

Spotzi is more than beautifully designed street maps. It’s a genuine World Atlas packed with more than 1000 overlaying thematic maps. Out of the box. There is no need to design the maps yourself. No hassle with creating style sheets, editing data or converting raster images. We have done all this work for you. Just start using Spotzi Mapbuilder.

Download our data

Data is valuable. Postal codes zones of the world. Crime rates. Earthquake hazard areas. It will soon be available in our online shop.

Geosocial Dashboard

Spotzi is connected to the Twitter Streaming API. We collect more than a 100 million geolocated tweets a month. And we store it. Great for analytics.