Spotzi offers a broad range of location data from trusted and verified sources and turns this into easy to understand data and geographical maps. Spotzi not only powers your business, but is also a beautiful atlas for everyone.


Easily add your location data. Whether it is a photo of your favorite vacation spot or intelligent business data. You can import data in just one click. Spotzi makes data mapping accessible for everyone!


We already provided you with hundreds of maps and data sets. Let’s build the largest mapping platform in the World. Create a free account. Upload your own data or start from scratch with our super easy to use map editor.

Business Solutions

Next to a wealthy source of free and open data we also offer rich intelligent data and tools to power your business solutions. Plotting your data on top of our maps helps you in creating amazing insights.



Spotzi enables you to find location based maps and data with the help of a thematic navigation. Many free (open) datasets are available. The data you download will be added to a private dashboard. An unlimited amount of data can be stored for analytics or visualization. You are also able to upload your own geospatial data.

All available data (including free data) has been checked and verified by Spotzi. Contrary to other data platforms users cannot add or change data themselves. This prevents the system from being polluted by unfinished or poorly documented datasets.

Atlas of the world

At Spotzi you will find high quality datasets for your business. However we designed the datashop in a way that it has become a fascinating World Atlas. Ideal to use at school, for research or just to learn more about our planet. But Spotzi is more than beautifully designed maps. It shows you current weather, snow depths, wind speeds, hotels and more. Millions of students worldwide use Spotzi in the classroom.



Join us, start mapping and share your data with Spotzi. Share your favorite travel routes, walking tracks, bear sightings and whatever fits the map. Help us in building the largest mapping platform in the world.

Our mapping tools are the most innovative in the world. Ad markers with photos, draw lines and even polygons in just one click. Try other mapping tools and you will notice how easy Spotzi is to use.

TIP: Use the tracking function in our App.

Open data platform

Are you a governmental body owning open data or would you like to share your data with the world? Spotzi is where your data belongs. Simply upload and visualize your data. We will share your data with millions of users worldwide. With unlimited storage and free editing tools we have made sharing your location data as easy as possible.

Our streetmaps are based on thousands of indivuals worldwide who work on the project. Our thematic maps are based on open data sources like NASA, the World Bank, local governments and many more. Our geocoder is also based on Openstreetmap material.

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