Find all demographic data about a certain neighbourhood.


Spotzi has a great variety of datasets with neighbourhood information. This data consists of demographic information from national census data bureaus, but also crime data from sources like the FBI. Spotzi collected this data and converted it to easy-to-use geodata formats (CSV, XLS(X), GeoJSON, ZIP, KML, GPX), that can easily be used with our mapbuilder or other data mapping software like Mapinfo and ESRI ArcMAP.

These neighbourhood datasets consist of the following subjects:

Full Census Datasets Firms and Services
Demography North America Living
Demography Europe Traffic and Transportation
Crimes and Alerts Marketing Data


With this data mapping solution, these data maps can be linked to any other dataset. This possibility can enable businesses and individuals to gain more insights about existing (client) data. For example, marketing and real estate businesses can have a great benefit with using our data mapping solutions, that can also be used for educational purposes. Just download the dataset you like, explore the possibilities and gain more insights about your data!


Full Census Datasets

Demography North America

Demography United States

Demography Canada 

Start mapping

Spotzi Mapbuilder

Spotzi offers a free mapping solution. Simply order the data and it will be made available in your own dashboard. From there you are able to style the map the way you like it and plot your own data on top of this map.


Spotzi also offers you the possibility to use the data in Esri ArcGIS software. Simply press edit and then choose export layer. From there you are able to export the data as a shapefile. Shapefiles can easily be imported into ArcMAP.


Our data can easily be converted into Mapinfo data formats by Pitney Bowes. You need to perform some conversion but that won’t be a hassle. Click here for more information about converting this dataset into Mapinfo format.

Demography Europe

Demography United Kingdom and Ireland

Demography The Netherlands and Belgium 

Demography Germany 

Demography France 

Demography Spain 

Demography Italy 

Crimes and Alerts

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Firms and Services


Traffic and Transportation

Marketing Datasets