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23 March 2016 – Spotzi in Kitchener Canada

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About the Spotzi Mapping Event

Spotzi maps the world. Join us March 23nd for the Spotzi Mapping event where we will entertain you with interesting speakers using our technology, the latest updates in Open Data and a great lunch. All from one of the largest techhubs in the world: Communitech in Kitchener.


Open Data in Canada
Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX) will create a national ecosystem to surface and drive data innovation for economic prosperity. ODX will play a critical role in leveraging assets, networks and resources already in place. Michael Chan from ODX gives you an insight into the future of open data in Canada.

open data exchange canada

University of Waterloo Research
Shawn Brunsting fulfilled his Masters degree from the University of Waterloo with Spotzi. Shawn built a tool which recognizes locations in unstructured texts like tweets and news articles. Spotzi implemented his tool and Shawn will tell you more about his research.

Get your location right
Google Maps, Apple, TomTom and other mapping platforms play an important role for local businesses. They show your business hours and of course your location(s) on a map. When this information is not up to date people might not visit your store. Dennis Pietersma from LBS Media shows you how to make sure your data is right.


Smart Cities
Cities worldwide grow significantly which requires more and more to keep it liveable, workable and sustainable. Challenges like the quality of drinking water, traffic flows, and air quality need to be dealt with. Ingu Solutions offers monitoring solutions that provide a city with information that helps to make the right decisions. David Bell will show you how the data goes from measurement to map.

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