More Mapviews 

Upgrade the number of mapviews from 75,000 to 750,000 per month

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$ 95/MONTH

Did you embed Spotzi maps on your website/app with a high number of visitors? Upgrade the number of monthly mapviews from 75,000 to 750,000.





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More Mapviews

Do you have beautiful maps that you embedded on your website or in an app? Especially with popular websites/apps there is a chance that the number of monthly mapviews of our free Mapbuilder plan will be exceeded (75,000 per month). Upgrade the number of monthly mapviews from 75,000 to 750,000 by ordering More Mapviews.

To upgrade the number of mapviews, you only have to contact us. Then we will upgrade the number of monthly mapviews so you don’t have to fear that your maps will stop working because you exceeded the limit of monthly mapviews.

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99.9% Uptime

With the power of a high class cloud solution we guarantee you an uptime of 99.9% for your maps.

Daily back-ups

 We back-up your data on daily basis as an extra security.


Our enterprise architecture setup ensures your data privacy and protection, while boosting the performance.