POI Maps App

Find every POI in a specific radius and plot them on the map


POI Maps App


Find all POIs in a certain radius and plot them on a map





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POI Maps App

Spotzi offers a way to find all POIs (Points of Interest) within a certain radius and is able to plot them on a map. With the POI App you are able to instantly find POIs of any category or name within a specific range from your the location you enter. Convenient if you want to find a restaurant in your neighbourhood or if you want to find the competition in your catchment area.

Upgrade to Spotzi Professional and start using our POI app. Choose your radius plus POI category/name and then the POI Maps App will search the POIs and turn this into a mapped out data layer in your visualization.

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99.9% Uptime

With the power of a high class cloud solution we guarantee you an uptime of 99.9% for your maps.

Daily back-ups

 We back-up your data on daily basis as an extra security.


Our enterprise architecture setup ensures your data privacy and protection, while boosting the performance.