Trade Area App

Map out consumer data with our Trade Area App

Trade Area App

Enrich your Maps with our Consumer Data






Trade Area App

Spotzi’s Trade Area App reveils interesting (geographical) insights about the behaviour of (potential) customers. The Trade Area App includes consumer data, which is divided into Postal Code areas. By using filters on the data (e.g. where to people spend money on clothing) the map shows the relevant Postal Code Areas which you can then export to a PDF or CSV. A very useful tool if you want to know more about a catchment area near your business.

The Trade Area Analysis App is one of our premium apps, which are only available on request because pricing differs per country. Create a Spotzi Mapbuilder account and fill out an application via the contact form. After signing an  agreement go to the Trade Area App in your Mapbuilder account and click on the app to activate these layers in your Mapbuilder account. From there, you can filter this data and display it on the map.

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99.9% Uptime

With the power of a high class cloud solution we guarantee you an uptime of 99.9% for your maps.

Daily back-ups

 We back-up your data on daily basis as an extra security.


Our enterprise architecture setup ensures your data privacy and protection, while boosting the performance.