Business solutions 

One single tool for multiple markets!


We can provide a more in-depth analysis of a company’s markets. Our location-based data is often combined with customer profiles. Companies have a better understanding of their customers behavior as a result of location based data analysis. Potential customers can be targeted better.

ZIP Code Boundaries Purchasing Power Consumer Styles


Our Risk Maps offer indepth information for Insurance companies. Our CatNat maps are based on Munich Re and Swiss Re data. In co-operation with GfK Geomarketing we can offer you Cresta Zones. Our PDF reports will make it easy for you to communicate the right Cresta Zone with your underwriter.

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Real Estate

Are you ready to get in touch with potential movers? Discover our pre-mover database. Or learn more about the neighborhood you would like to buy or sell a property. Our Real Estate data is top of the bill and helps many investors worldwide in making smart decisions. With just one click on a map.

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The era of the internet of things is coming. Millions of sensors worldwide will be pushing data. Spotzi is ready to visualize this vast amount of big data and has great data crunching functionalities that will provide you with great insights. The first clients already connected their sensors to our API.

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We can also provide solutions for municipalities and governments. These institutions own a large amount of open data, that is continuously shared with the rest of the world and should always be up-to-date. Spotzi offers a secure data platform to save this data and to make changes to the data in a simple way.

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Spotzi is a living Atlas used at thousands of schools. Maps and videos support the classroom. No more paper hassle. Spotzi can replace the paper Atlas and provide up-to-date information to improve your knowledge about the world. Spotzi helps you with your science projects. Just browse, explore and export our maps!

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