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Learn more about our planet

At Spotzi you will find high quality datasets for your business. However we designed the datashop in a way that it has become a fascinating World Atlas. Ideal to use at school, for research or just to learn more about our planet. But Spotzi is more than beautifully designed maps. It shows you current weather, snow depths, wind speeds, hotels and more. Millions of students worldwide use Spotzi in the classroom.

Spotzi is a free platform where students and educators can create, share, and publish scientific, data-driven maps. 

A genuine Atlas

Spotzi is a genuine World Atlas and shows you the world in a unique and astonishing way. It not only shows you street maps and high detail areal maps. That’s just a starter. Spotzi goes beyond any political border and zooms in to any aspect of our planet. This has been made possible by the extent data resources at NASA, the World Bank and our own data warehouse.

You can start browsing for almost any theme you might be interested in. Locations of animals, temperatures on earth and the grand tectonic plates are just some examples of the thousands of themes available. It is all map based. Why? A map tells you more than a thousand words. Each theme has its own map and will be activated by clicking on the theme of your interest. Looks stunning on a tablet!

Create your own maps

Next to browsing through a wealth of information you are able to start mapping the world yourself. Students can create a free account. Hundreds of pre-styled maps can be imported into a student’s own dashboard. From there you can adjust colors and see for yourself how the story of a map changes.

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Pick a map 

Census Maps

Spotzi has census data from multiple countries fully mapped out. Each household has an extensive set of features available. We offer an extensive range of data to directly select the right audience for your campaign. Along with ZIP code data, this data offers interesting insights for your business.

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Natural Hazard Maps

Know whether your customers live in an high-risk area? They live in an area with a higher or lower risk of natural hazards. Spotzi mapped out this data. Think of floods, but also earthquakes.

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Weather Maps

Our real-time weather maps are updated daily and provide a good insight into weather conditions around the world. Ideal for insurers who want to know more about the weather in a certain period, or on a particular day or time.

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Crime Maps

Spotzi has mapped out all crime data by area. Ideal data to assess risks. Spotzi annually collects offenses recorded by the police in the Netherlands, the US and Canada. This map gives you direct insight into the burglary risk. A valuable addition to the assessment of an object to be insured.

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ZIP Code Maps

Spotzi has ZIP code boundary maps of more than 20 countries in its data store. Segment your potential customers easily find based on a ZIP code area and combine this with interesting data, like company data or census data.

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Add your own data

We can provide a more in-depth analysis of a company’s markets. Our location-based zip code data is often combined with customer profiles. This combination of mapped out data can provide businesses with interesting insights about their customers. That means that we can give companies the possibility to have a better understanding of their customers behavior as a result of location based data analysis. Potential customers can be targeted better.

  • Add a Point, Line or Polygon

    Add a Point, Line or Polygon

  • Style this point, line or polygon your own way!

    Style this point, line or polygon your own way!

  • Add some extra data to your point, line or polygon

    Add some extra data to your point, line or polygon

  • Add some extra layers to a visualization to make your map more insightful

    Add some extra layers to a visualization to make your map more insightful

Interesting functionalties for every student

Spotzi tries to make the mapping of research data as easy as possible, but we also have a few interesting functionalities to make the Spotzi Mapbuilder even more interesting for your eductional goals.

Embed our Maps

Are you a publisher or providing Educational tools? Contact us for the possibilities to embed our maps into you application. We already provided the tools for easy embedding.

Office365 support

Does your school have an Office365 account? Spotzi offers you the possibility to let teachers and students login with their office account. A Spotzi button will even appear in Office Online for easy navigation.



Webservice App


Integrate Spotzi into your own application by using our intelligent web service. From maps to charts.

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Join App


Add your own data to maps with boundaries. This app easily adds your own data to your map.

$15/month   Learn more


Satellite Maps App


Add stunning and detailed satellite imagery as a basemap. This map is updated on a monthly basis.

Free  Learn more

Advanced Editor


Add more advanced styling and data crunching options to your Mapbuilder account.

Free  Learn more

PDF Reporting


Export your maps and data to insightful PDFs. Very easy to e-mail to your colleagues or clients.

$25/month   Learn more

Trade Area App


Discover the type of people that live close to your location. From age to their consuming styles.

Quote   Learn more



Plot POI around your location. Find POI categories, like restaurants, ATMs etc. You name it. We have it.

$195/month   Learn more

Logo Free App


White label our mapping solution by removing the Spotzi logo. Impress your clients.

$25/month   Learn more


Logo Free App


Connect your Spotzi Mapbuilder account with QGIS and easily import/export maps.

$85/month   Learn more


More Pageviews


Upgrade the number of mapviews from 75,000 to 750,000 per month. 

$95/month   Learn more


99.9% Uptime

With the power of a high class cloud solution we guarantee you an uptime of 99.9% for your maps.

Daily back-ups

 We back-up your data on daily basis as an extra security.


Our enterprise architecture setup ensures your data privacy and protection, while boosting the performance.