Purchasing Power Canada Municipalities

This map represents the purchasing power data from Canada on municipality level. This purchasing power data provides more insight into the purchasing power of Canada. The purchasing power gives more insights into the purchasing power patterns of Canadian consumers. This dataset represents the total purchasing power and is compiled from purchasing power data of multiple product groups:

  • Accessories
  • Clothing/Apparel
  • Shoes
  • Food and Beverages
  • Alcohol
  • Food and Beverages (Out-of-Home)
  • Household Products (Non-Electrical)
  • Household Maintenance
  • Home Appliances
  • Furniture and Home Decoration
  • Tools and Gardening
  • Books, Newspapers and Magazines
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Recreation and Hobbies
  • Personal Care
  • Healthcare Products
The data on this map is divided by municipality and is calculated per index. An index helps to compare consumer behavior between different areas. The countrywide average is seen as the base for the calculation (countrywide average = 100). If the inhabitants of one area spend more on accessories than the countrywide average, the index for this area will be higher than 100. An index of for example 200 for an area means that people in this area spend twice as much on accessories than the average person of that country.
Besides data about the total spending we also offer the spending of the separate product groups


Spotzi offers this purchasing power data on municipality level. The data can be obtained for specific areas of your choice, such as your company’s catchment areas or external sales regions. Spotzi adds the purchasing power Data to municipality maps so they can be used in our Mapbuilder or third party GIS software.


This dataset is available in different administrative levels. For more information of which levels are available, please contact us and we will inform you about the possibilities.

Purchasing Power Canada Municipalities

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Source Spotzi
Year of coverage 2017
Format CSV, Shapefile, KML, GEOJSON, XML

Variables in this dataset

This data features the data that is needed to draw the index of areas on the map. Besides this data we also offer the following other information:

  • Total households
  • Total spending

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