Weather and Climate 

Find real-time data about Weather & Climate Conditions.

Weather and Climate Data

Spotzi has a wide range of (geographical) datasets with more information about weather and climate. In this category Spotzi offers more information about temperature, windspeed and- direction, sun hours, snowfall and rainfall. It is possible to buy and download this data directly from the datashop, but it is also possible to buy this data as a package with some powerful mapping and data tools. Read our Pricing page for more information.

Data about Weather and Climate

Spotzi has a great variety of digital maps and datasets with information about weather and climate. We offer datasets about wind, precipitation, temperature and climate. Datasets in this category contain information about the latest snow heights and temperatures around the world. This data is gathered from trustable data resources like national and international weather institutes.

Spotzi collected this data and converted it to easy-to-use geodata formats. Formats that are suitable for popular data mapping software solutions like Mapinfo and ESRI ArcGIS, but also with the Spotzi Mapbuilder. We also offer Google Maps support and the possibility to connect your Spotzi Mapbuilder account to QGIS with the Spotzi QGIS Plugin.

Spotzi tries to make neighbourhood data more insightful by converting these datasets to geodata formats  (CSV, XLS(X), GeoJSON, ZIP, KML, GPX). These formats can be easily imported to every data mapping solution. We also offer a free mapping tool: the Spotzi Mapbuilder. This cloud mapping solution offers all professional mapping functionalities for data analysts, but also for people without any experience with GIS software.

With our innovatieve Apps you can easily add extra functionalities to your Mapbuilder account. This app structure gives you the opportunity to only pay for the functionality you need. Try the Spotzi Mapbuilder with the Join App and connect your own (business) data to our maps. Or use the Spotzi Geocoder to automatically plot client data (e.g. Excel lists) on the map. An ideal tool for businesses that want to create more insights from their client data.

What is the Spotzi Datashop?

The Spotzi Datashop is a big database with several third-party (GIS) datasets from all the world. We offer different kinds of datasets that can be downloaded in several popular data formats (tables and maps) in one central shop. We offer the raw data in CSV, Excel or XML, but we also offer geospatial formats for GIS data analysts, like shapefile (.shp), geoJSON (.json), TAB (.tab) and KML (.kml). These formats are compatible with popular GIS software like Arcgis, QGIS, Mapinfo, but also mapping tools like Google Maps.

What do you have to do if you want to buy data from the Spotzi Datashop?

  1. Find your desired map and data in the Spotzi Datashop.
  2. Purchase the data (Mapbuilder account required, register an account or log in).
  3. Follow the instructions in the payment terminal.
  4. After completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation email and the data will be added to your Mapbuilder account.
  5. Use the Mapbuilder to create maps or export the dataset to Shapefile, CSV/Excel geoJSON, TAB or KML to use the data in Arcgis, QGIS, Mapinfo or Google Maps.

Spotzi also offers package deals with data and mapping tools (MapApps) for every usage. Take a look at our pricing and find the right mapping package for you and your business.

Why do I need this data about weather and climate?

The mapping of weather and climate data allows data analysts, scientists and consultants to visualize data and to make big data research easier to process from a geographical point of view.

GIS tools like the Spotzi Mapbuilder allow you to get more out of this data. With these GIS tools, it is possible to add data to these maps and data (manually or bulk). Bigger companies may even connect their business data (CRM data) to maps in order to gain more insights about their customers. Spotzi offers a geocoder that automatically adds a location to you customer data and plots your customers on the map. Professional data mining for data analysts, but also professionals without data mining skills (marketeers, transport planners, brokers and other professions that make data-based decisions).

Why choose Spotzi?

Spotzi offers all the tools you need to create insightful maps that can really improve your marketing and sales efforts.

Spotzi offers a way to easily create insightful maps by adding/deleting map layers (your own or from the Spotzi Datashop).

The Spotzi Datashop is a unique click-and-buy shop where you can directly buy and download datasets and maps.

The Mapbuilder is a free cloud mapping solution that allows you to create maps everywhere you want.